I met Jackie when I was referred to physical therapy by my physician. I quickly realized that I had numerous areas that needed to be treated. This is where Ms. Jackie's knowledge of Myofascial Release came in. She showed me how every part of the body is connected and affected by each other as well as every aspect of life, such as stress. I am now at the point where I am thinking about the things she has taught me. It is becoming natural to me. While old habits and thinking die hard, the new insights she gives me make my life more beneficial. I am living a more normal life because of it. I am truly grateful for the Myofasical Release technique as well as for Ms. Jackie imparting her wisdom to me. No matter how old we are, we can always learn new things. Thanks Ms. Jackie.

-Kristi W. (Gulfport, MS) - March 2008

Dear Jackie,

As you know, when I first came to you I was in misery. I wasn't sure if I would receive the relief I needed.
o my amazement of joy, your type of therapy has given me physical, spiritual, and emotional health. I feel so encouraged and thankful for this type of treatment.
God bless.

-Ernestine C. (Biloxi, MS) - May 2008

Dear Jackie,

After 10 years of enduring back pain and TMJ I am finally experiencing relief. I have tried numerous avenues for pain relief and nothing seemed to help my condition. I thought I was going to deal with pain for the rest of my life until I met you, Jackie. Through your techniques and therapy I have received relief from my pain, healing of my body, and education on how to stay healthy. Jackie, you are a healer, very knowledgeable, and a true professional. I highly recommend your services and myofascial release. Thank you Jackie!

-Karen H. (Gulfport, MS) - November 2008

Dear Jackie,

Oh My, where to start... I have so much to say! My life for many years consisted of lots and lots of work mixed with wonderful times and memories, but all this was tempered with increasing debilitating pain. Pain 24hrs a day, trying not to cry, but living by the Motto, "When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Get Going". I began to see an Orthopedist shortly after, but got very little results. He then recommended me to an MFR Therapist and I only put if off because I was seeing a massage therapist. She was helping me at the time which became temporary relief even though she specialized in people with intense pain issues. We had moved to Biloxi and discovered Jackie. I have gained so much back, and have very few intensely bad times now and even those are not the same as before. I have a lot of pain free time now through Jackie's gentle guidance. She has brought me to a comfort zone I thought was gone forever and she has given me the tools to help myself. This treatment is incredible and that is why I call Jackie "My Gift From God".

-Lyn F. (Biloxi, MS) - April 2013

Dear Jackie,

I was referred to Jackie by my doctor. She has done me so much good. She has taught me different things to help myself continue to heal and release the pain. I have been in pain so long, it's good to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

-Ann Q. (Ocean Springs, MS) - December 2012

Dear Jackie,

I have had pain for quite a while now. It has steadily increased now for over 19 years. It has been a slow and depressing journey for me to find someone who could help me figure out what has been wrong with me. Dealing with the pain and the overwhelming fatigue has been such a burden on me... so much that in the last year I felt like I had stopped participating in my life because I physically and mentally couldn't. I could not find a a doctor that could help me figure out what was "Wrong" with me. My Neurologist diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and through the intense research is when I became aware of chronic myofascial pain. This led me to Jackie, and I have become so enlightened of what's been going on within my body for so long now.

Jackie is truly a warm, compassionate and loving person. She has such a thoughtful, caring and healing spirit. She has taught me so much about healing myself and for this I am Blessed. My pain has now decreased by about 75%, my fatigue is still with me but is beginning to lift. I am starting to feel like myself again and most of all I feel like I am getting my life back!

There are no words that I can express to Jackie of how much I appreciate all that she hs done for me! Thank You Jackie, It means so much to Me!!

-Marlene A. (Ocean Springs, MS) - July 2010

Dear Jackie,

When I first saw Jackie I was in a great deal of pain, especially in my neck and lower back. Jackie's techniques have reduced my pain level and given me greater range of motion in neck. She has taught me many things to do at home to help me relieve muscle pain. She has also taught me breathing techniques to help relax and reduce stress.

On a personal level, Jackie is a very caring person. She calls to check on me and is truly concerned about my well-being. She offers many helpful hints for dealing with different physical problems. I feel like her treatments have helped me physically and mentally. Jackie is an amazing person.

-Loreen B. (Pascagoula, MS) - June 2011

Dear Jackie,

Through the Yoga Studies a lot of pain from nerve damage and muscle and another Yogi is how I heard about Jackie and Myofascial Release Therapy. After a fall and two back surgeries-I was left with a lot of pain from nerve damage and myuscle spasm. Ten years in Pain Mngt. And numerous procedures along with traditional physical therapy, I was still left with the same pain. Jackie's gentle approach of MFR has given me hope that I can live a better life with. She has taught me how to treat myself, feel and breathe into the pain, and listen to my body.

I also am reading Johns book "Healing Ancient Wounds" -which helps to understand the fascial system. I Thank God every day for leading me to Jackie. I am physically stronger and am capable of doing some things I haven't done in years. MFR is now a part of my life, (BREATHE AND SOFTEN)...

-Denise S. (Biloxi, MS) - June 2010

Dear Jackie,

My radiation Oncologist told me about Jackie and Myofascial Release Physical Therapy. After chemotherapy and 34 treatments of radiation therapy for anal cancer my pain continued to increase. Medication temporarily relieved the pain in the beginning, but as time went on the medication had no result in easing the pain. My pain was so intense that I would have a towel in my mouth to subdue my screaming from bowel movements along with crying about in pain. The pain was constant, and at times, I could not enven stand up on my own. Since hving treatment with Jackie, I am no longer on pain meds., learning to listen to my body and where to treat myself. I have even started to walk again for exercise instead of having to lie in bed all the time from pain. "Thank God for Jackie"...

-Gwen B. (Gulfport, MS) - February 2011

Dear Jackie,

Initially I began going to Jackie for Physical therapy for my neck in 2010, seeking help with pain due to displaced discs in my c-spine. After having a lot of success with both my range of movement and the level of pain in this region I decided to venture forth and try internal pelvic floor work. Up until this point I had been having difficulty urinating and painful intercourse due to excessive dryness, following a partial hysterectomy in 2009. After 6-8 months of treatment in this region there has been a significant improvement with both the flow of urine as well as the dryness. Jackie is a very experienced Physical Therapist and has helped me tremendously with both my areas of concern. After about a year and a half of

these treatments I am on far less medication than I was and my body feels far more agile than it has in a while. I would recommend myofascial release with Jackie for anyone.

-Nosheen B. (Ocean Springs, MS) - March 2013

Dear Jackie,

I originally began seeing Jackie for treatment of tailbone pain related to an injury I sustained in 1998. Ever since then I had been dealing with sacral pain, lower back pain, and headaches on an almost daily basis. As Jackie began treating me the headaches began to subside, and the tailbone pain decreased significantly. I also started to notice my other "problems" getting better as well. I had been dealing with severe elimination difficulty for a while, and my periods had become very painful each month. Jackie's treatments helped me to eliminate on on a more regular basis and each month my periods became less and less painful. We had many discussions about this and I began to realize how intricately all of these systems are connected. I truly believe that all of my problems stemmed from "restrictions" due to my injury from so long ago. I also would like to mention that my husband and I were trying to conceive our first child, and it had been a few months with no success. Without Jackie's myofascial release treatments, and internal pelvic work, I would still be in the same pain, seeking other treatments that don't work. I can't say for sure, but her treatments may have also helped me conceive our first child! I feel so blessed to not only have had Jackie as my therapist, but also a guiding light in my life.

-Melissa C. (Gautier, MS) - June 2013